Layer Blending Tutorial


In this project the main goal was to take different picture and blend them all together to look like one unison picture. To complete this successively, you have to take your different layers and then layer blend them with different styles to make them more noticeable.

I picked these two pictures because together they make a a lot of different styles and effects. And plus these are the only good other good pictures I have that I haven’t used already. And it looks good so I’m solid.


Digital Painting Tutorial


Digital Painting is all about turning a normal picture in making it look like a painting done through photoshop. By using the filter gallery you can make any picture look like a painting.

I choose this picture because it was the easiest to create and turn into a painting. By the use of different filters and layers on top of one another I was able to create this painting of a flower with minimal detail. Unlike what the normal picture would have

Colorful Poster Tutorial


This project is meant to take a normal picture and make it look like a colorful, creative, artistic poster. How this can be made is through different colors, writing, and paintings.

The reason as to why I choose this picture was because I had no other pictures. This project would’ve been better with more people in it so theres more taking up the space but this is ok.

* Awesome Colorful Poster:

Polaroid Collage Tutorial


The point of this project is to take a picture and make it look like a polaroid collage of the same picture. This gives an effect of many pictures of parts of the whole picture and put them together to make one big picture.

The reason as to why I picked this picture was because its me and my boyfriend Justin so its more than just one person. And in the tutorial I followed it had a picture of a family and this is the closest picture to family I had so i used it.

* Polaroid Collage:

Water Color Tutorial


In this project you are supposed to turn any photo into looking like it was done with water colors on a canvas. The key component to this is to make sure that the edges aren’t too sharp or precise.

I picked this picture because most water color I see are about nature and the beauty of it. They mainly capture the colors of everything around them. So I choose this colorful picture of the flower.

* Watercolor Painting Effect:

Lens Flare Tutorial


This picture was perfect for the effect of a sun flare. This is true because there was a already a sun spot in the upper right corner where I have enhanced the sun spot with the effect. The reason why you should already have a sun spot in the picture is because then the picture as a whole will look more realistic and not look like an effect added in photoshop.

I like this picture with this effect because it enhances the sun spot. Also the simplicity of the picture is perfect to see the sun flare effect in the plain blue sky.

* Lens Flair and Lighting Effect:

Still Life Project


The idea of this project is to capture a picture of an object in interesting ways to create a picture with interesting shapes and angles in front of a plain or preferably white or black background. To help with the interesting shapes you can use different lighting to cast shadows like how i did.

I choose these pictures because glasses create an interesting shape on their own already and including the shadow effect enhances the different shapes and interesting photos to make it eye appealing and eye capturing.

Photo Essay Project


This project is meant to tell a story, essay, through just pictures. You will find these mostly in magazines, articles, and news reports. They can go from something deep and having the intension of changing, or just something goofy and fun to look at.

I choose these photos because I was trying to show the story of all of the different ethnicities at Valencia High School. Of course I didn’t capture every single one but I caught the majority and combined them into one person who depicted that ethnicity the best.

Panning Project


The main goal of this project was to take a picture of a moving object with intensional blur in the background while the object is in total focus. Doing this allows the viewer of the picture to sense the motion of the moving object and to look like it is still moving to the viewers eye.

The reason why I chose these photos is because the cars on top is a perfect object to capture with the use of motion because we see those in out everyday lives constantly moving. The reason for me to choose the bottom two was because the guy on the bottom left was walking briskly and the cart on the bottom right was moving to go to his usual place and it reminded me of a car.

Portrait Project

The main purpose of this portrait was to capture the main object which should be a person and do portraits and can be candid and serious. What I did was one candid, top right, and one after I made him laugh, bottom right, and one serious, left. The reason for this was so I could have different pictures and not just repeating all the same picture.

What we were supposed to do was take 100 plus pictures and then choose within those 100. The reason why I choose these pictures was because of their vast differences and the clarity.