Double Exposure Project


There main goal of this project was to get a side profile picture and any landscape picture and combine it so that the side profile picture has the landscape picture inside of it as so. This is a great tool to use in album covers and CD covers.

The reason I choose these pictures was because, for the side profile, it fit the concept of being completely side so it was easier to use rather than something that was three quarters of the way. and for the landscape, I choose the one because it was the most nature looking thing I captured at this school since theres like no nature here.



Self Portrait Project

Gulewich_Sami_Self Portrait

The main goal of this project was to take pictures of myself and have me be the main focus of all of the pictures. What we were told to do was take 6 pictures total where three of them represent me when we are by ourselves and the other three representing me when I’m with other people. The purpose was to experience taking pictures of  ones self and not others.

The reason why I choose these specific pictures was because personally I’m pretty much the same by myself and with others. So that is why there is a very similar tone to all of the pictures you see above. But of course I am more silent and reserved by myself thus the three pictures of me just dancing and being reserved. How to Create the Color Splash Effect in Photoshop (YouTube)                                    Photoshop For Photographers – Episode 6: Blending Modes (YouTube)

CD Cover Project

The main goal of this project was to achieve the look of a CD, and the front and back of the CD cover. We were to take a minimum of six photos with no more than three fonts total. Once we got our picture we were to lay them out to make a certain theme for you type of music being displayed.

The reason why I picked these pictures was because I wanted to make an album cover that represented a calm and serene album the portrays relaxation music. Adobe Photoshop CS6 for Beginners Tutorial Layer Styles YouTube

Finished Cube Project

This was the cube project, where we would have to take 6 pictures exactly so one picture can go on each side of the cube. Once you got the picture you would need to use photoshop to do effects and add layers of effects to make it unique and more just like you. After theta you lay them out on a paler that was provided and print on photo papers, cut around the edges, and make it into a cube.

In my project I choose the theme of nature, more specifically flowers. Each photo I used I made sure that I used different filters towards each photo to make them unique from one another and interesting as you go around to look at the cube.

Using (Photoshop CS6) Filters To Add Effect To Photos (YouTube)  image


Action Sequence


The objective/goal of this photo was to capture a moving object go through a sequence without changing the background and have it captured on to one photo. The reason why the background can’t move is because then once you get the pictures into one, there will be discrepancies such as fuzziness or odd placements.

I decided to shoot this specific photo because I wanted to capture something in motion moving from one place to the other. So i obtained a picture of Justin jumping off of a point, the ledge, and lading on the floor thus going out of the frame.

How to Create Action Sequences in Photoshop

50 Ways Project

Gulewich_Sami_50ProjectThe whole reason for this project was to find creative and new ways of taking pictures of one thing 50 ways, all different from the other ones. Then once you have taken the 50 photos you find your best 4-6 photos and put them in a collage displaying you top number choices from the project.

What I did was take my pair of glasses and took 50 photos of them in interesting ways all around school from every angle imaginable. Once I took of them I picked my top 4, as seen above in the photo, and photoshopped them to just how I wanted them to look and made a collage.

Alphabet Project

Gulewich_Sami_alphaThe idea of this project was to find natural things that looked like letters and make a collage to make a word of the letters you have found. The end result was to have a word more that is four or more letters long in a collage together to spell out a word in black an white so that the different images can be uniform and some what the same making it appealing to the eye.

I shot these letters because to me they seemed like the most cohesive together and the best way to portray the letters I wanted everyone to see. Once I took the photos I made them into a collage to spell my name out which is SAMI with chains, rails, trees, and a bush. After they were put together to make a word I wanted to make it a little more fancy by incorporating a border around with even spacing throughout. Black and White Photography Conversion Techniques in Adobe Photoshop (youtube)

Hockney Project

Gulewich_period#2_PanographyThe mission/ goal of this project was to take 100+ photos of one thing in one spot but in different angles and parts. Once you took all of those pictures you must make a collage of all of the pictures you took to make out the scenery of which you shot on one paper with all of the photos combined.

The reason why I chose the school mural to shoot was so I could capture the everyday life of high school and all of the people walking by it on a daily basis in one picture. Also the reason why I designed it like so was to prevent any photos being lost and not seen in the picture so I laid it out in rows making multiple images of the one scene I shot.